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(Mossie Lee)

Mossie Lee’s Southern Cuisine gives its guests the essence of deep southern roots, combining southern hospitality with down homes recipes, causing one to reminisce of “mommas “love and long hours in the kitchen.  The essence of Mossie Lee’s Southern Cuisine was named after Mossie Lee Jones, who was the 8th of 12 children, born May 16, 1926 and raised in Emerson, Arkansas.

​While being raised on a farm, Mossie inherited all of her southern cooking forte.  From desserts that make one smile, to soups and greens that heal, and main dishes like chicken and fish that “Taste So Good, Makes You Want to Kiss Ya Mama.”  In 1946, she relocated to Los Angeles, California and went on to marry the love of her life, Christopher Heard. Their family grew as they had four children, and eventually the two opened their own restaurant in 1960s.

Following in her parents footsteps, in 2010 Mossie’s daughter, Catherine Vault, decided to bring a dream to life. She launched Mossie Lee’s Southern Cuisine, the Gourmet Food Truck. Catherine has always followed after her mother’s poise, food preparation, and presentation, which influenced the elegant warm style of the truck, and the hospitable delivery of our patron’s meals, and most of all the love behind cooking.

Mossie Lee’s Sothern Cuisine is family owned and operated. While keeping the traditional recipes, Catherine takes into consideration our present health conscience society. Mossie Lee’s Southern Cuisine cooks only with the best oils, herbs, and spices. Mossie Lee’s Southern Cuisine is food for the soul with your heart in mind.

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